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From a very young age, I always loved wearing suits. It’s a huge reflection of who a person is. In other words, putting on a well-fitting ensemble can make you feel like you can take on the world.

Originally, my love of a well-made suit comes from my uncle, who worked in a suit factory in New York. Through working in the factory, my uncle was always able to get me a well-fitting suit. He’d send me one of every colour, of every style, of every fit. Although we weren’t wealthy, he always wanted me to look my best, as a result, this meant wearing a suit. After that, I was always ready for anything because my uncle looked out for me and brought me what I needed to move forward in my future.

The suits I’ve collected over the years have led me to develop an appreciation for fabric, style, and good fit. A well-fitting ensemble can boost your confidence. For instance, simply looking at small details like pant length and how a blazer sits on your shoulders can make a big difference. Most importantly, I want men to look at the small details of suits and understand what makes them powerful.

I found my passion for suits because of my uncle. As a result, I now want to share that with men. I know the importance of a well-fitting ensemble, and above all, I want men to feel the same way I do about them.

Everyone should have the opportunity to feel confident about themselves and who they are. Most importantly, I think everyone deserves to experience the feeling of a great suit.

For me, being part of Les Bourjoies has nothing to do with money. It has more to do with your self-confidence and your presence. Les Bourjoies is here to provide you with the look, the confidence, and the style that will help you build your future, no matter how your bank account looks.

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